Once we have your score high enough, and IF you need to establish an additional credit line, I highly recommend the Discover Card.  They have no annual fee, offer 12 months no interest balance transfers and you can get your Transunion FICO score included.  They have 1-5% cash back depending on what you purchased and a cashback bonus match for the first year.  Just a great all round first primary credit card to have.

To sign up for Discover Scorecard, click below.  Let's you get a free FICO score from Experian, and check it every 30 days.  FICO is the scoring model most lenders use, so going to be more accurate for you than the free services online using Vantage model.

Other good rebuilding card with no annual fee is the Platinum Card from Capital One. If denied at Discover, there are several that have had luck obtaining this one.

West Credit Services

There is an exciting new tool out there, that can drastically increase your credit scores, for those of you that RENT and have limited or no credit.  The company does charge a small fee and monthly fee for the service, but you can potentially have your rental paying history added to ALL 3 credit agencies.  I have looked at several companies, and this one appears to have the best fees for this new industry popping up. 

IF I sent you here directly it's because you need to build your credit history with new information, while we are working on trying to correct the erroneous information.  Remember to keep any credit card balances to 30% or less of your credit limit to optimize credit scores.