Credit Restoration

Very simply, we utilize a couple Federal laws, to your advantage, to try and raise your scores, so you can get back to viable lending status.

The main laws used are the  FCRA  and the  FDCPA. Click on the links if you'd like a bit more information on those laws.

This is the service most people need that have a damaged credit history.  However, if you have thousands of credit card debt, and are currently unable to keep up with payments you would potentially be better suited for debt negotiation.

West Credit Services
We offer multiple services, but our bread and butter is credit restoration and debt negotiation.  Not everyone needs this type of service, so it's best to call us to see what type of program would work best for you.  If we cannot help you, we'll tell you what you can do on your own, or the type of service that may better suit your needs.   We operate on a 100% referral basis, if you are on this site, you were referred by someone who has used our services.  More importantly, they were pleased with our services, so you can feel very confident that we'll give you the best advice pertaining to your situation.

Debt Negotiation

This service is for those with thousands of dollars of unsecured debt, and simply cannot keep making minimum payments.  Many times this is a better option that bankruptcy.  You can typically be out of debt in roughly 3 years or less.

Please call or simply request more information below.

Our company is a referral only business, and we realize our industry has a bad name.  There are many companies out there, that are here one day and gone the next.  You can feel confident that you were referred by someone happy with our services, and we follow all the guidelines of the CROA laws.  With our credit restoration services you are guaranteed improvement, and every client is offered a two year service guarantee.  The average client takes about 4-7 months to completion, but if we don't have you where you need to be, we keep working til we do, at no additional cost.